My areas of interest are mobile robotics, embedded systems, digital signal processing, and computer vision. I have acquired practical skills from CERN, DISAL, Cyberbotics, and numerous side projects. I hold a master's degree in Robotics from EPFL and a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from FTN.

Professional Experience

Cyberbotics Ltd.

2020/09 - present

Full-time employment in Switzerland

  • Developing ROS 2 support for Webots open-source robot simulator
  • Integrating motion planning, SLAM, Navigation, and controllers
  • Reinforcement learning based on Webots simulations and OpenAI Gym

Cyberbotics Ltd.

2020/02 - 2020/08

6 months internship (full-time) in Switzerland

  • Developed ROS2 driver for e-puck2 physical and simulated robots
  • Implemented automatic creation of ROS2 interface from a Webots model
  • Extended Webots API to support URDF export


2019/07 - 2019/09

2 months internship (full-time) in Switzerland

  • Developed and compared algorithms for acoustic communication
  • Implemented the FSK modulation to AVR microcontroller
  • Quantified performances in a lab and in a lake
  • Achieved a higher communication speed than the commercial products


2017/10 - 2018/09

12 months internship (full-time) in Switzerland

  • Developed notification system (CERNMegabus) based on ActiveMQ
  • Coordinated with multiple teams to integrate the system with their services
  • Utilized CI/CD builds, Koji, RPM packages and Puppet for deployment
  • Deployed and scaled the system to 42,000 Linux machines

CERN / Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative

2017/07 - 2017/09

2 months internship (full-time) in Switzerland & China

Memristor Robotics

2015 - present

12 months as a software leader (25%) in Serbia

  • Developed a robotics framework for EUROBOT (deployed on Raspberry Pi)
  • Developed firmware to support motion, servos, LiDAR and more over CAN
  • Led software development team and coordinated robot design

Professional Experience continued


2016/08 - 2016/09

2 months internship (full-time) in Serbia

  • Developed a prototype Android application for online package payments
  • Integrated with payment systems and a few Amazon Services

Selected projects

Dual Fisheye Camera Calibration


The project is done as a semester project at TOPO laboratory supervised by Davide Antonio Cucci . The purpose of the project was to develop a calibration algorithm for a dual fisheye camera with lenses oriented in the opposite direction. The intrinsic parameters are of both cameras, as well as a rotation between the cameras, are determined using nonlinear least-squares optimization. Multiple approaches are evaluated to maximise accuracy and minimise correlation between determined parameters. In addition, a simple semiautomatic chessboard corner finding tool is developed to obtain data set from highly distorted images.

Eurobot Software and Firmware

2016 - 2017

As a member of Memristor robotics club, we developed a software and firmware to control two mobile robots. The software provided an abstraction layer on of the hardware which allowed easy robot behaviour development. It utilizes a publisher-subscriber pattern and included pathfinding, LiDAR and Dynamixel support, inter-robot collaboration, CAN communication etc.

Robotics Platform

2015 - 2016

Together with other student, we tried to develop and push idea of web IDE for physical robots and online app store. The project has been called SpesRobo. I developed a simple JavaScript API for enables development and execution of an application for physical robot inside a web browser. The API interacts with embedded computer located in a physical robot and a custom protocol enables communication and command execution.

Online Learning Platform

2012 - present

I have developed mobile and web applications called SpesDriver that helps future drivers to prepare their theoretical driving exam. Alone, I made REST API in Yii2 framework, designed MySQL database, developed Angular frontend and integrated I18N support. Today, the web application has over 20,000 users per month and mobile application over 200,000 installations. Also, I made a collaboration with local car schools which allows them to be advertised on my platform.