Developed ROS2 driver for e-puck2 physical robot, improved Webots support for ROS2 and created plenty of examples.

We implemented potential field algorithm for obstacle avoidance, flocking, and optimized the robot’s behaviour with PSO.

We modeled a Thymio robot in URDF, implemented velocity control and obtacle avoidance in scope of ROS.

We trained the TensorFlow model to detect feature points on a pedestrian and used it to follow the pedestrian.

We developed a calibration algorithm for a dual fisheye camera (Ricoh Theta V) and chessboard corner finding tool for highly distorted images.

We implemented frequency-shift keying (FSK) modulation on a microcontroller to allow underwater communication for underwater unmanned vehicles.

We modeled and visualized the 3-link biped, and designed a walking controller.

We created a robotic prototyping platform to allow users to create, share and distribute interactive applications.

A side project, during high school, that demonstrates a potential benefits of connected devices and web technologies within agriculture.

SpesDriver, mobile and web application, is the online learning platform for drivers.