Demetra21, Smart Greenhouse

2012/09 - 2013/08

A side project, during high school, that demonstrates a potential benefits of connected devices and web technologies within agriculture.

Demetra21 is high school project that allows automated control in a greenhouse using web application as a dashboard. The idea is to provide smart control and also allow remote control via the Internet using a computer or mobile. The web application has integrated social network for farmers to spread experience and ask for solution by showing detail data collected by the system. It has implemented disease and bad weather prediction based on data found on the Internet.

Custom Arduino shield is developed to drive actuators and sensors in greenhouse model. Desktop, C# application presents the bridge between the web application and Arduino. The web application uses Yii on back-end and Bootstrap on front-end to provide a smart control logic and the graphic user interface for a variety of screen sizes and platforms.

Keywords: Arduino, C#, Web, Bootstrap